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Hawk Portrait
29 March 2017

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5 May 2017

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Hawk Portrait
29 March 2017

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Church Number 3
20 January 2017

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13 August 2013

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Sayen Gardens 1
15 April 2012

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Garage shots
1 March 2012

Recent Comments

Willem on Memorial Day 2017
A beautiful colorful tribute.

Evelyne Dubos on Memorial Day 2017
A good tribute compo.

Martine Libouton on Memorial Day 2017
Une très belle prise!

Oiva on Memorial Day 2017
The memory of the days are veterans thank you :-)))) Haleja. Happy new weeks my good friend.

jpla on Memorial Day 2017
Un bel hommage JP

Lilly 2¢ on Memorial Day 2017
Not to be forgotten.

Martine on Memorial Day 2017
Bel hommage !

Nelida De La Fuente on Beet Salad
Genial imagen, de una tentadora vista alimenticia. ***** Saludos.

Jypyä Pop on Memorial Day 2017
Great way to remember them

Nelida De La Fuente on Memorial Day 2017
Espléndida vista, con maravilloso color y luz. ***** Felices días.

Steven on Beet Salad
Looks scrumptious!! And I love the light reflecting off the beets.

Harry on Beet Salad
a delectable looking plate

Irene on Beet Salad
Beautiful processing ! I don't like beets.

Elaine Hancock on Beet Salad
It looks delicious! Gorgeous color and treatment!

Michael Rawluk on Beet Salad
Mmmmm. I love beet salad.

Alezandro on Beet Salad
Quelle belle invitation!

Steve Rice on Beet Salad
A tasty image for sure. I like it.

farNaaz50 on Beet Salad
Lovely post processing .

jean pierre a on Beet Salad
joli rendu!! amitiés

Dany Kervran on Beet Salad
Very fine composition, both in the dish and in the camera ! I love this food :-)

Nicou on Beet Salad
Une sacrée salade avec la crotte touge très rouge sueprbe vue. amitié

Kyu on Beet Salad
Great capture in beautiful colors.

Mhelene on Beet Salad
Superb framing and beautiful colors .

Don on Beet Salad
A fine picture of this unusual salad. At least that's unusual to me. I don't think I've ever had a beet ...

Willem on Beet Salad
A tasty picture as a result.

Shaun on Beet Salad
In my opinion, this is one of your best images that I have seen. The color and treatment is just perfect for this ...

Maria-lina on Beet Salad
Hummm ça l'air tout bon ça!!! Bise, bon dimanche tout doux!

Brockaly on Beet Salad
Tasty platter!

Devi on Beet Salad
great yummy food shot !!!

grouser on Beet Salad
highly polished and looks good enough to eat :)

Martine Libouton on Beet Salad
Une très belle photo

jpla on Beet Salad
Bon appétit JP

Hiro on Beet Salad
Mouth-watering treatment !

Jypyä Pop on Beet Salad
Delicious-looking, I am hungry now

tataray on Beet Salad
Belle composition et traitement. )

Michael Rawluk on Colorful Crochet Nightmares
It certainly is a colourful thing.

Lena on Colorful Crochet Nightmares
Beautiful colors.

Nicou on Colorful Crochet Nightmares
Quel animal en laine et vue quelle couleur sueprbe. amitié

Irene on Colorful Crochet Nightmares
Interesting image.

Harry on Colorful Crochet Nightmares
I'd like to see the pattern for that!

Elaine Hancock on Colorful Crochet Nightmares
I like the title of the show! The colors are so bright and the shape is very unique. I like it!

Steve Rice on Colorful Crochet Nightmares
Oh my, I wont be able to sleep tonight.

Willem on Colorful Crochet Nightmares
Indeed a colorful result, nice photo.

Adela Fonts on Colorful Crochet Nightmares
Ohhhh! A work of art full of color. Strange but a great idea...! Hugs!

Mhelene on Colorful Crochet Nightmares
Great creativity ...and I like "colorful nightmare ..."!!!!

Lewis on Colorful Crochet Nightmares
Not exactly something you'd hang above a cradle for example ;) Great colours though

Lewis on Delphiniums
Great row of beautiful flowers in different colours!!

Dimitrios on Colorful Crochet Nightmares

Don on Colorful Crochet Nightmares
It is a very interesting figure that can be seen many different ways. her work is very creative.

Kyu on Colorful Crochet Nightmares
Wonderful capture of an art work in beautiful colors.

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