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Hawk Portrait
29 March 2017

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Church Number 3
20 January 2017

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13 August 2013

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Sayen Gardens 1
15 April 2012

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Garage shots
1 March 2012

Recent Comments

Annima on Hawk Portrait
Beautiful portrait!

Phil Morris on Hawk Portrait
One of your best portraits of late, beautiful, 5 ***** 's !~

Jypyä Pop on Hawk Portrait
Tight gaze.

Nicou on Hawk Portrait
Quel yeux quelle attitude et ce bec ces yeux ce regard superbe e Amitié

tataray on Hawk Portrait
Excellent. )

Irene on ST Mailboxes?
I agree with you Ruthie, carrier pigeon. Happy ST.

Michael Rawluk on ST Mailboxes?
The birds can use your mail to nest.

Harry on ST Mailboxes?
a condo development?

Elaine Hancock on ST Mailboxes?
That is pretty funny! Those are pretty bird houses. I guess he makes mailboxes also or maybe the mailboxes are for the ...

Adela Fonts on ST Mailboxes?
Great shot! Happy ST Ruthie!

B. Thomas on ST Mailboxes?
Maybe the birds get a lot of mail?! Happy Silly Tuesday!! ;-)

Steven on ST Mailboxes?
A cute find!! I thought the same thing when seeing that sign! Actually I would like that type of mailbox right now with ...

Shaun on ST Mailboxes?
What a collection. They look very well made. A very nice find.

Claudiel on ST Mailboxes?
Original idea, i though it was for the birds

Graciel·la (Vic. Catalonia) on ST Mailboxes?
Ha ha, very funny collection. !!

franz on ST Mailboxes?
This is fun! I just hope the birds KNOW these are mail boxes and not meant for them ... ;-)

Dany Kervran on ST Mailboxes?
Oh yes Ruthie, they are boxes only for love letters (billets doux) ! Did you buy one ? ;-)

Don on ST Mailboxes?
A Very good picture of these birdhouses and the mailbox. It's a very attractive picture. Excellent.

Kyu on ST Mailboxes?
Ha, wonderful capture for ST.

Brockaly on ST Mailboxes?
Pidgeon post. Well seen.

Hiro on ST Mailboxes?
Anyway, it looks intereSTing !

beach on ST Mailboxes?
Ha! I thought they were birdhouses until I read your title. You never know. Carrier pigeons might be fasted than ...

omid on ST Mailboxes?
Happy ST! :) ... such beautiful colors & lights!

Holz on Nature's Rope
Awesome and well seen Ruthiebear!

grouser on ST Mailboxes?
Yes STrictly for the birds :)

Willem on ST Mailboxes?
A fine and colorful image.

Martine Libouton on ST Mailboxes?
Très bien vu !!!!

L'Angevine on Nature's Rope

jpla on ST Mailboxes?
Bonne idée JP

Phil Morris on ST Mailboxes?
You did a beautiful job making these look as good as possible, beautiful !~

jean pierre a on ST Mailboxes?
jolies !! amitiés

Martine on ST Mailboxes?
Très originales ces petites maisons pour oiseaux.

Devi on ST Mailboxes?
Oh !! I thought they were nests to be fixed on trees !! Lovely display !

Jypyä Pop on ST Mailboxes?
Huge diversity

Nicou on ST Mailboxes?
Géniale ocmpo et vue quelle maisonnette et vue quel quel fond et vue amitié

tataray on ST Mailboxes?
Un beau choix. Joyeux mardi.

Harry on Nature's Rope
a really twisty subject. fine black and white conversion.

Michael Rawluk on Nature's Rope
That is so cool.

Elaine Hancock on Nature's Rope
Beautiful detail of this vine. It is always amazing to see how they grow and how strong they are. A fabulous b&w ...

Irene on Nature's Rope
Great title for this photo !

Baldwin VW on Nature's Rope
Another wonderful artwork of nature ... the details are amazing !!! Excellent in B/W ...

Steven on Nature's Rope
An incredible find in these branches as how much they twist around each other!! Seems almost unnatural, like what some ...

Shaun on Nature's Rope
The right title, for a fine subject.

Adela Fonts on Looking Up
Impressive image. Looking up is usually always a surprise. HUGS

Adela Fonts on Nature's Rope
Well seen this natural rope --- magnificent! HUGS!

Graciel·la (Vic. Catalonia) on Nature's Rope
Wow, excellent close up. Very nice shot. Well seen and very well done.

Don on Nature's Rope
Nature is always surprising us with something unusual. This rope-like tree branch is very interesting.

Kyu on Nature's Rope
Nice find. Wonderful B&W close-up in the excellent framing.

franz on Nature's Rope
Amazing find, beautiflly captured and presented!

tataray on Nature's Rope
bien tressé, j'ai une glycine qui ait pareiile.)

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